General Announcement

Our president Koichi Sato’s co-authored publication related to aerial display will be on sale (written in Japanese)

[For touchless / non-contact operation / inspection Design points and latest trends]


★ with non-contact technology that is expected to spread in the corona era. Each expert who leads the research and development will explain a wide range of topics such as touchless operation and non-contact sensing key technology, design and development of related parts, and development of killer applications! —-Preface (partial excerpt)


Currently, it is required to adapt to the new normal brought about by the new coronavirus in various aspects. In the biotechnology field, research and development on measures such as testing, treatment, and vaccination against COVID-19 are proceeding at a rapid pace, but what can be done in the non-biotechnology field? ——- [Applications are being accepted for early discount] ↓ Please read if you are interested